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Andrea moved to Las Vegas in 2005 while working for Wells Fargo Bank. She was asked to relocate from San Diego to be 1 of the 5 business bankers to start the business banking program in the untapped market of Las Vegas. Andrea quickly made a name for herself when she excelled leaps and bounds over her counterparts all over the nation. She quickly built one of the most profitable books of business known to Wells Fargo, focusing mostly on the medical industry, which led to her being one of the most trusted business bankers in the medical industry. Andrea became known as the “Heavy Hitter” within Wells Fargo and was moved into any branch that was struggling in sales and profitability, doubling or tripling the revenue within a year.

During the downfall of the economy, Andrea took what she had learned in the banking industry and began utilizing her knowledge to help many of her doctors. She not only understood the dynamics of a medical practice but was able to consult doctors and dentists to become more profitable, which in turn led to more lending opportunities and an increase in liquid assets. In 2010 Andrea moved to JPMorgan Chase where she attended the Area Manager training program and learned proven strategies for coaching, mentoring and managing a successful sales team. In 2013 Andrea took a short leave from the banking industry and became a mentee at the business coaching firm, ActionCOACH, where she learned to coach business owners on increasing profitability and incorporating strategies to grow their business. In 2014 Andrea took a management position at U.S. Bank where she ran the UMC Branch inside UMC Hospital. She strictly worked with doctors and medical staff due to her background in business banking and the medical field. She grew the UMC branch from one of the most unsuccessful branches within U.S. Bank to #6 in the nation for profitability and sales within 1 year. She has now decided to take her skills and experience and utilize them in consulting doctors to create a profitable and successful medical practice.


With over 20 years of experience in banking, finance, and management – we are experts in helping businesses understand their finances, increasing cash flow, and implementing systems to improve efficiency that ultimately leads to growing your business.


No gimmicks or small print – we disclose all of our services and fees upfront. In fact, we guarantee to double your 12 month investment, or we will work for free until we do.


Lean on us! Our business was built on referrals because of our sincerity in providing honest recommendations to better your business.


No matter what service your business demands, we work closely with a group of professionals in all aspects of business services to help your business be successful.



We build relationships with our clients! To us you are not just an invoice number. We pride ourselves in quality customer satisfaction that leads to business connections down the road.


At Bottom Line Executives our goal is to increase the Bottom Line of your business. We do that by really digging into where your business spending is going, decreasing your overall expenses, and increasing profitability with sales and efficiency.


At Bottom Line Executives, we specialize in growing the profitability of your business by cutting expenses while increasing sales and efficiency.


You may be great at your trade and passionate about you do; however, there are more processes involved in starting, building, and expanding your business. It’s ok to ask for help, that’s what we’re here for!


We submit claims to healthcare providers and follow up on claims with health insurance companies in order to receive payment for services rendered, in a timely manner to increase the profitability of the process.


Customers are looking for services like yours; but, can they find you? The internet has evolved and so should your business. Create a web presence that gets you noticed.


We will develop a marketing plan to generate new patients/customers and keep you in contact with existing ones. All while getting them to return to you more frequently.


We perform a full audit on the past two years of billing to determine what funds are collectable. We ensure to collect on more money in less time to increase the cash flow within your business.


We will hire and train staff based on overall operations and sales productivity. We implement systems to allow staff to be more efficient while increasing sales opportunities and still offer great customer service/patient experience.


Protect your business from fines and litigation from city, state, and/or employees with complete time and attendance, human resource, payroll systems and more, rolled into one.


There is more to understanding your product and your niche. Allow us to help you understand profit and loss statements, financial statements, etc., which will allow you to focus on your customers.


At Bottom Line Executives our process is straight forward and gets directly to the point of where our services could be utilized to aid your business and how we intend to implement them.


Each new relationship starts with an assessment. This allows us to get a full understanding of your business and what your goals are


We start each new relationship with our clients the same – We hold an initial two day assessment of your business which allows us to get to know our new clients on more of a personal level and they get to know us. No sales agents are sent to sell you products and services that you don’t need. You will meet directly with one of the greatly experienced owners of Bottom Line Executives who will sit down with you and get a better understanding of what you are trying to accomplish with your business and get a sense of any future goals that you may have. Because every business owner has a different vision, this meeting ensures we are all working towards one common goal.

Client & Staff Involvement

Bottom Line Executives does not want to replace any of your staff. In fact, we work closely with your staff to ensure all systems are implemented properly and

Client & Staff Involvement

Although Bottom Line Executives has been hired to help increase your credit worthiness, the bottom line of your business, aid in business branding, or one of our other numerous services, there will be times in the process that will require involvement from you, the client. It is the client’s responsibility to understand how to maintain the changes that Bottom Line Executives has implemented in order to maintain the successful advancements in the future.

The Plan

After the assessment, we put together a plan that details what we would implement into your business. At this point, you decide exactly which sections

The Plan

Once we process all information provided to us during the introduction meeting, we will then assess the business current situation and the outcome that we will be working towards. Our assessment will conclude with a strategic plan on what needs to be implemented to reach success and what order they should be addressed. At this point we discuss our findings with the business owner and collectively decide to move forward.


We begin working towards your goals and growing your business by implementing the strategies decided upon during the assessment. This is when we conduct all


During this stage of the overall process, we begin working towards the set upon goals decided in the assessment stage. This step will vary in duration from business to business depending on each business needs and all services that are involved. All businesses are unique and so are the strategies and approaches taking place during the implementation stage.


At this point in our process, we have completed and implemented our plan and you have seen advancements in the area that you felt you needed                                                        


We now consider you as part of the Bottom Line family and do not pick up and leave just because our job is done. We want to see you and your business continue to grow, and we want to be right by your side helping you reach your future goals. At this point, we circle back to our assessment stage, analyze the business, evaluate financials, and create new strategies to advance in the future.

Our Accomplishments

Saving a practice $60,000 per year by refinancing equipment

  • Annual Equipment Savings 70%

Saving a practice $38,000 per year by negotiating credit card processing contracts

  • Credit Card Processing Savings 70%

Growing a single physician cash paid practice from a negative profitability of $120,000 per year to $500,000 in
profits in 1 year

  • Growing Practice Profitability 70%

Assisted in downsizing a practice with multiple locations to 1 location, while negotiating lease contracts and
assisting in sub-leasing locations to avoid a practice going out of business, with an overall cut of $384,000 in
unnecessary overhead

  • Decreasing in Overhead Costs 70%

Assisted in the negotiation of a $1.2 million contract to provide hospitalist services for a Long Term Acute Care

  • Aiding in Contract Negotiations 70%

Proven track record for hiring dependable and well-trained staff to fit in with any practice

  • Hiring & Training Well Qualified Staff 100%

Bottom Line Excutives


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